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Introducing the Solano Lawyer Online Magazine

"The magazine is absolutely awesome. Informative, polished, professional, excellent publication. You have done an outstanding job. I am proud to have made a contribution to the first issue. (And how cool that you included my name, I am grateful)" - Cynthia T. Passon, Senior Management Analyst, Superior Court of California

Like its predecessor, Voir Dire, Solano Lawyer’s primary focus is our own local legal community. Its mission is to provide you with timely information in areas of interest to you. This is your magazine, and we hope you enjoy it. We encourage active participation with contribution of articles, photos, comments and suggestions. test

"As my 13 year old would say OMG!!! Awesome. Congratulations." - Dana Dean

Solano Lawyer is a quarterly publication which needs to be self-supporting in order to survive therefore we welcome your advertising business! If you want to reach over 300 targeted members and an additional 1,500 in the trade...please advertise or consider referring possible advertisers to the SCBA or to Garson Design Services (GDS). GDS is contracted by the SCBA to design and produce the quarterly magazine and is compensated with that ad revenue. Please see for advertising info and rates.

"Very nice job on Solano Lawyer."
- Jerry Hobrecht, City of Vacaville

Place an ad in the Solano Lawyer, the magazine of the Solano County Bar Association, and reach over 300 targeted members and an additional 1,500 in the trade!

Why advertise in the Solano Lawyer? Aside from the prestige of being associated with the Solano County Bar Association, the Solano Lawyer provides you an opportunity to target a niche market of legal practitioners and the larger community that supports them.

"Great job on the inaugural issue! We'll advertise. I'll discuss with Scott exactly what we want." - Stephen Gizzi, Esq., Partner, Gizzi & Reep, LLP Benicia

If you are looking for a group of consumers with disposable income and the savvy and sophistication to appreciate your products and services, you have come to the right place.

"Fabulous Magazine, Nice Job! On all counts." - Anne Campbell, Law Offices of Anne M. Campbell, P.C.

Solano Lawyer’s advertising rates allow you to reach this unique audience without breaking your advertising budget.
It should come as no surprise that Solano has experienced tremendous growth over the last few years and the trend indicates that our county will continue to experience exponential growth for the foreseeable future. The legal community will also be growing in step with the larger population growth.


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Solano Lawyer Magazine Committee
Bob Javan - Editor / Board President
Valerie Dodini - Chief Editor / Board Director
Carrie Keefe Scarlata - Secretary
Steve Gizzi - Treasurer
Julie Hilt - Executive Director

To advertise in Solano Magazine:

Garson Design Services, is contracted by
the SCBA to design and produce the quarterly newsletter. We produce and charge for the ads to compensate. Please see Price Sheet for details.
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Spring 2008
Mar. 01, 2008
Feb. 10,
Feb. 15,
Summer 2008
July 1, 2008
June 10,
June 15, 2008
Fall 2008
Sept. 1, 2008
Aug. 10,
Aug. 15, 2008
Winter 2008
Dec. 1, 2008
Nov. 10,
Nov. 15, 2008

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"Wow! The magazine is amazing. I am so impressed." - Hon. Wendy Getty, Solano County Superior Court

To submit an article in Solano Magazine:
Please contact email us, Julie Hilt - Executive Director. Deadlines for submissions - see table above.

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